Mediawan Kids & Family arrives with a bang!

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For this new episode of The Animashow podcast, Sabry Otmani welcomes Julien Borde, the big boss of Mediawan Kids and Family, and his team of genius producers at the head of the group's labels: Mediawan Kids and Family Cinéma, Somewhere, Elliott Studio, Wildseed, Submarine and Method Animation. This jack-of-all-trades European studio concocts nuggets and takes care of their worldwide distribution. Their tricks? An explosive cocktail of internal and external talents, strong partnerships with broadcasters and streaming platforms, and frenetic worldwide distribution of their children's content. Get ready to devour the juicy tidbits unveiled at the Annecy Festival on upcoming films like Twisted and Meowoof! as well as sparkling remakes of classics like Astroboy and The Three Musketeers. Mediawan Kids & Family relies on freshness, raw talent and the latest media trends to pamper kids. Their goal? To establish franchises that will go down in kids and families entertainment history, conquer new playgrounds such as Africa and Asia, mix animation with other genres such as animated series for adult audiences, and even team up with fiction and documentary producers. And to spice things up, they're exploring the world of AI to boost production and seek out new IPs on platforms like Roblox and Fortnite. If you've got talent to spare, or ideas that take the world of animation by storm, these energetic producers are waiting to hear from you!

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