Epic Games to conquer animation?

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In the latest episode of The Animashow, Sabry discusses with Joan Da Silva, Unreal Engine strategy consultant at Epic Games. The technology company - famous for its game Fortnite - is shaking up the animation world with its Unreal Engine. By making Fortnite accessible on different platforms and by everyone around the world, Epic Games has revolutionized the video game industry. The Unreal Engine's foray into animation is recent, and was revealed to the general public notably by the Oscar-winning short film “War is Over” 100% made with Unreal Engine. Epic Games is committed to helping animation studios adopt real-time technology by offering technical support, subsidies and simplified licensing. Recent collaborations with LEGO and major franchises such as Disney illustrate the potential of immersive worlds and the creation of the famous metaverse. Epic Games is also exploring the field of artificial intelligence, and is actively involved in developing regulations for its use. The exchange with Joan touches on the growing use of the Unreal Engine in animation, and Epic's initiatives to promote Unreal in animation through grants and training, as well as the new paid licensing model for non-game animation studios. And let's not forget that Epic's valuation is approaching $30 billion. 

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