Will AI kill Animators?

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Show Notes

For this new episode, I'm delighted to welcome a dynamic duo on the show - Sixte de Vauplane, founder of Animaj, and Louis Abel, founder of Dynalips. Join us as we dive into their wild journeys as entrepreneurs in the Animation world, exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaking things up! From 3D magic to lip syncing tricks and even creating digital empires, AI is the name of the game, cutting down production time and turning the entertainment industry on its head. We'll also peek into the ethical side of AI in animation, protecting creative copyrights and Intellectual Property. As the grand stage of entertainment undergoes a metamorphosis, we also discussed the positive impact of AI on the video game realm, where Animation and Gaming intertwine! The future's looking bright in virtual wonderlands, folks. I thought this conversation with these two remarkable visionaries was fascinating. Hope you enjoy it too!

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