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In this new episode of The Animashow, we meet the founders of Sketchfab, the rockstar platform for showcasing and discovering 3D models. If you work in the fields of video game, animation, or VFX, you can’t miss it: Sketchfab is everywhere! Alban Denoyel and Cedric Pinson - cofounders of Sketchfab with Pierre-Antoine Passet - discuss with Sabry Otmani their rollercoaster ride from the early days of struggling to sell their product to becoming the market leader with its 10M users and 8M of 3D models. They spill the tea on how key partnerships and distribution were their secret sauce to conquer the US market and become a global phenomena. They have been chased for years by the GAFAM - Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and the likes - but remained focused on their mission and eventually won the game. Dive into this hectic conversation covering hot topics like AI in 3D, the artist's play in gaming and animation, the importance of user feedback, the epic hurdles of building an active community of users, and the challenges of building a successful tech startup in the field of entertainment.. Today you will discover the real story behind the rise of Sketchfab!  Oh, and don't miss out on their juicy acquisition by Epic Games and Alban’s and Cedric’s crystal ball gaze into the future. It is a truly inspiring conversation for all of us.

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