Signing a Love Death + Robots

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In the new episode of The Animashow, Julien Chheng and Oussama Bouacheria from La Cachette - a studio they created with Ulysse Malassagne - discuss with me their their belief in the survival of traditional 2D animation and their jaw-dropping ride in the industry at a global scale. They share their experiences as students at the Gobelins School of Art and the perception that 2D animation was dying. They explain that founding La Cachette was diving headfirst into passion for 2D and high-quality projects. They discuss their involvement in the Love Death + Robots series for Netflix and their epic collaboration with the great artist Genndy Tartakovsky for PRIMAL - a series that received massive distinction - Emmys and more. They highlight the importance of maintaining their own artistic style and inner beliefs. La Cachette is a French animation studio that has now gained recognition internationally for its uniqueness. They have developed a collaborative and hands-on approach to working with directors and talents, emphasizing open communication and feedback. With a signature style that's got the world buzzing and despite facing challenges and setbacks, La Cachette remains dedicated to producing meaningful and innovative animated art works. I wish the crew a bright future!

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