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In this new episode of The Animashow, Sabry welcomes Julien Fournet, screenwriter, showrunner and director of animated films and series at TAT Studio. Julien directed the film Pil and several seasons of the internationally successful series "Les As de la Jungle". In this conversation, Julien stresses the importance of drawing inspiration from one's own frames of reference, such as the genre cinema he is particularly fond of, and of not hesitating to challenge the norms of storytelling, in order to create works that appeal to children and adults alike. Julien shares his experience as a screenwriter, director and showrunner in the animation industry, deciphering the characteristics of good intellectual property and the challenges of adapting and distributing works internationally. In the case of Les As de la Jungle, the collaboration between broadcaster France Télévision and the series' creators, brothers Jean-François and Eric Tosti and David Alaux, was a key factor in the series' success. The conversation explores the mechanics and constraints of creating a series like "Les As de la Jungle", balancing the parodic universe with a sense of realism. The conversation also focuses on the importance of staying true to the series' vision, the process of organizing production work to deliver a coherent final product, the challenges of getting everything into battle, and the benefits of using the Unreal real-time 3D engine. The chemistry between the characters - Maurice, Batricia, Gilbert and Miguel - allows viewers to identify with them, an essential ingredient in creating captivating stories. Julien also looks back on his experience of making Pil during the pandemic, its cinema release and the inspirations for creating this story: the rebellious princess, the Occitanie region - in the south of France - presented as a unique and fantastic setting. In conclusion, the conversation turns to the artistic process behind creating worlds for a young audience, and highlights the importance of research, writing, attention to detail and collaboration with talent in bringing a world of magic to life. 

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