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In this new episode of The Animashow, Sabry welcomes Josselin Charier, founder and CEO of HARI Studio. Together they discuss the global success of the animation series Grizzy & the Lemmings and the super interesting process of creating and licensing entertainment Intellectual Properties (IPs). They explore the development at HARI of new cartoons like Mystery Lane, the Weezy family, and a spin-off of Grizzy and the Lemmings, Baby Lemming! This conversation highlights the importance of strong Storytelling - Josselin Charier and his co-founder Antoine Rodelet started their careers as screenwriters - and the balance between comedy and action in creating engaging content for a Kids’ audience. They also touch on the business figures and investments involved in producing and licensing IPs , and we talk about several millions of dollars here. You’ll also discover the crucial steps  involved in pitching and selling a series to American and European broadcasters, the role of the producer in the development phase, and the importance of creating a strong brand in the kids universe. Have you ever heard of the Licencing Expo in Las Vegas? It’s the world’s largest licensing trade show! Weel, they are going to be there!  Josselin touches on the potential of licensing and merchandising of Grizzy with toys, fast food chains and book editions, the impact of changing consumption habits of Kids on the animation industry - aka Youtube & Tiktok - , and the future plans forHARI Studio in the coming years.

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