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Show Notes

For this new episode, I'm delighted to welcome Matthieu Zeller, president and mastermind behind the European studio nWave. He is a passionate producer, who spills the beans on his leap from fancy brands to the world of animated magic, unveiling the secret recipe that ties luxury and animation together - storytelling! Together we discussed the recent release of “The Inseparables”, a buddy movie written by the authors of Toy Story. Zeller takes us on a whirlwind journey, revealing how he landed at nWave Studio and their quest to create globally-loved tales that can rival Hollywood big shots. Dive into the rollercoaster ride of Animated movies’ economics, the quest for family-friendly fun, and the epic visual collab with Stromae. Matthieu wraps up with a standing ovation for recent animated gems and a big shout out to the brilliant artists making magic happen.

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