What's so scandalous about Calamity Jane?

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Show Notes

For this new episode, I am pleased to welcome Rémi Chayé, director, and Florencia Di Concilio, music composer, who collaborated on the wonderful animated feature "Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary". This film, produced by Maybe Movies and Nørlum and distributed by Gebeka Films, received a Cristal at the Annecy Festival in 2020, was among the nominees for the 46th César Awards and is competing in three categories at the prestigious Annie Awards in Hollywood next month! The story takes place in 1863 in the United States as a convoy moves west with hopes of a better life, Martha Jane's father is injured and she is the one who must drive the family cart, tend the horses and master the lasso. Learning is tough and yet Martha Jane has never felt so free. And since it's more convenient for horseback riding, she doesn't hesitate to put on pants. An adventure full of dangers and rich in encounters that will reveal the mythical Calamity Jane. Rémi and Florencia give us the secrets to harmoniously combine the color palette with the sound palette. To discover an absolutely stunning film! Listen to the movie soundtrack here http://bit.ly/bocalamity and buy the vinyl edition here http://bit.ly/vcalamity

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